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67.6% of marketers consider finding relevant influencers their biggest influencer marketing challenge.

In order to better understand how successful marketers conduct influencer programs, HYPR sent out an influencer marketing survey to top brands and agencies.

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We surveyed respondents about the greatest challenges in the industry, factors that affect influencer marketing campaigns, and which dream features they would hope for in an influencer management software. This report outlines and analyzes the responses.

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47% of brands ranked “Measuring influencer performance” in their top 3 challenges


Of all respondents, 60% felt that fraud is a major concern when activating influencers


Respondents ranked "The quality of  content" as the most important factor in selecting an influencer

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This report includes access to:

  • The distinct influencer marketing challenges faced by brands and agencies
  • Where brands and agencies stand on topics such as influencer measurement, payment and engagement
  • The most important factors in an influencer marketing campaign
  • Dream features in an influencer marketing solution and where to find them

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